These pictures are from Frank Iannamico's new book American Thunder,The Military Thompson.

An experimental aluminum receiver 1928 Model made by Savage

Auto Ordnance's entry in the trials to replace the expensive Thompson the AO-T2.

A rare experimental Thompson in .30 caliber carbine, serial number 2

The very first West Hurley M1 made, serial number M100A

An experimental stainless steel M1A2 US Navy marked.

An early Savage 1928 "Commercial" Model.

A Savage manufactured US 1928 A1 Model, note the RLB Stamp of AIO Ordnance inspector Roy L. Bowlin and the encircled GEG Stamp of George E. Goll who was AO's civilian inspector. Also visible is the Ordnance Dept. "Flaming Bomb" stamp.

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