West Hurley Thompson and 50 round "L" drum. Custom fitted violin case by Coleman Bootery, Princeton, Kentucky and made by "Ese and Ese", Brooklyn New York. I personally replaced all non GI issue parts with originals. Then the Thompson was modified by Diamond K/Paul Krogh of Delta Colorado. The compensator was pinned, and a new barrel attached and head spaced. A 1/2" GI grip mount was installed and fitted with a replica vertical foregrip made by Doug Richardson.

The receiver was deburred and touched up, and authentic drum slot cuts were milled into the sides. The feed ramp was remilled and polished, and the locking ramp surfaces of the receiver were recut and remachined to original specifications. Fire control parts were also deburred and trimmed. Externally, the fire control and safety levers were checkered and blued. Finally an original Lyman rear sight was installed. The WH L drum was also adjusted. Doug Richardson also remilled the trigger housing to accept a GI buttstock and hardware. Now it feels and sounds like a Stradivarius!"

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